Spree-Hub Coworking Space in Fürstenwalde

Laura de Amorim, Founder


First of all, my apologies for not having this website translated properly yet!

Secound, let’s give you all the infos you need short and candy.

#Feel free to come for a visit! You can try it out for free, get to know the community and Spree-Hub and then you can decide

#Many companies pay for a seat at a coworking space or at least subsidise it in some way –> in case you need more arguments, talk to me or send me an email

#If you are a freelancer, sorry no one is subsidising you but you can effort it (-:

#Feel free to get in touch

#You will meet me in person from Mo-Fr in the mornings





v …..and have a coffee


Email: info@spree-hub.de Mobile: 015736286077

Feldstr. 34, 15517 Fürstenwalde

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